What is Justin Bieber's phone number in 2014?


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My son used to hang out with Justin Bieber all the time when he was younger. But ever since he has become this arrogant spoiled rich kid, he has been too busy to spend time with or even call my son, and I have now forbidd3en him from being friends with that scumbag since I have seen things in the news reports about drugs, sex, getting girls pregnant, and graffiti. That is not the life I want my son to lead, no matter how much money he might make. But I was gona say if you wanna get hold of Justin I still have his phone number, his tour managers phone number, his main home phone number in Los Angeles although he is hardly ever there, and when he is there, he is high as hell off his rocker and very lewd, so do NOT try and call him there

I'll give any of the above numbers to people who private message me on here and are willing to send me some Applebee coupons.

And if you don't believe how I got those numbers, I can TELL YOU:

I spy on my son to see if he was contacting that scumbag Bieber and noticed messages like this on his Twitter:

And there is PLENTY more tweets where that came from so just work on getting me my coupons and I will send them to you.


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