Justin Bieber What Is Your Phone Number?


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I'm courtney all you have 2 do is g0 2 yahoo and type in bieber real number justin try it.
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sarah marsh answered
That is private info nobody can have in all the people claiming they are related to justin bieber get a life and grow up
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aileeny answered
Why do you want my phone number?  I am not going to give it to you or to anyone else!   You give me yours!   I hate bl**dy phones, do you all hear, hate them, fed up of all of you asking for my number, where I live, what colour hair I like and all the rest of it.  Listen ,I like white hair ONLY. I do not like any colour and white is not a colour. Thats why I like white, SEE.    I am really FED UP of ALL of you ,going on about me ALL the time on this here Blurtit.  You are not worthy to wipe my boots ANY of you. Please just give me a break, I have had enough. Leave me alone. I am NOT coming to ANY of your houses nor your Towns, Leave me be.  Stop asking ALL these stupid questions about me and get a life!.  I am leaving soon===On a slow boat to China,    Bye, Bye all. Start on someone else, David Mellor for example!!   Bye from Justin Bieber.

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