Which Of The Following Movies Did Not Feature Lisa Kudrow?


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Unfortunately, it appears that you have not provided the list of movies for me to choose from. Therefore, I cannot answer this question.

  • Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow definitely is best known for her role in the American sit-com Friends. She played the character of Phoebe Buffay, a quirky, witty and slightly eccentric young woman with a bubbly personality and famously high sex drive. However, Lisa Kudrow has starred in a number of other television shows, including Web Therapy, Who Do You Think You Are?, and The Comeback.

Lisa Kudrow has also starred in a number of Hollywood movies, such as P.S I Love You, Bandslam, Analyze That, Hotel for Dogs and Analyze This.

Over the years, Lisa Kudrow has been nominated for over 40 different awards, including Emmys, Teen Choice Awards, American Comedy Awards and Golden Globes. These have been for her performance in Friends as well as for her various other roles.

  • Lisa Kudrow and Friends

Lisa had a major role in the American sit-com Friends, along with co-stars Courtney Cox, Jenifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry. The series was set in New York, and followed the relationships, traumas and joys of the group of friends as they made their way through life.

The show ran for almost 10 years, with 10 seasons being filmed. The first ever episode was aired in the fall of 1994, while the final episode was aired early in 2004. The last episode of the Friends television show was watched by 51.1 million viewers in America alone, and many more around the globe. Although the series has been over now for many years, re-runs of the show are commonplace on television channels around the globe. Many viewers who were too young to understand the show when it was new have grown up with Friends thanks to the number of airings of each episode today.

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