What Movie Has 'Because You Loved Me' By Celine Dion As Its Theme Song?


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The 1996 romantic movie Up Close And Personal uses "Because You Love Me" by Céline Dion is its theme song.

About Up Close And Personal Up Close And Personal is a romantic drama starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert Redford as two news reporters who fall in love.

The film was directed by Jon Avnet, and wasn't received all that well by critics. Despite this, Up Close And Personal was still nominated for the Academy Award of Best Original Song for Céline Dion's "Because You Love Me".

About Céline Dion
Céline Dion is a Canadian pop singer who was particularly famous during the 1990s. She has recorded twenty-three studio albums and a handful of live albums, as well as releasing several live performance DVDs.

She's perhaps best known for songs such as "My Heart Will Go On" and "All By Myself".

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"Up Close and Personal" (1996), directed by Jon Avnet, with Robert Redford & Michelle Pfeiffer.

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