How to record and save Napster on demand music music streaming to hard disk?


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Zane answered
Agreed, audio stream recorder's a good solution to record and save Napster on demand music streaming to your hard disk, that is if you want to be able to do this without any problems.

I think audio stream recorders are more focused to capturing streaming audio rather than capturing everything that's played on the pc or something like this.

There's some program called Audials Tunebite that might just be the solution you were looking for, it's an audio stream recorder that's able to record streaming music from a lot of sources.
I use it to capture music streams from a couple of other sites and subscriptions I prefer, but I am pretty sure it works without any problems to record or capture and save Napster on demand music streaming for you.
What I like about this one is that it can actually batch record streaming music plus cut, convert  and name mp3 songs, definitely a time saver for me.
Should also give it a try.
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Jesst Too answered
If you ask me, what you need would be something closer to a streaming audio recorder than a sound recorder if you really want to be able to  record and save Napster on demand music streaming.
Sound recorders usually record what you hear, meaning whatever and everything that comes through your sound card, which isn't that helpful actually.

Plenty of audio stream recorders on google, so what I suggest is try a couple, use them to record Napster on demand and after that decide which one seems to work the best to record and save Napster on demand streams for you.
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Joane O answered
So you say you want to record or save Napster on demand music to your hard disk?

Sorry to have to break it to you but as far as I know  there's no way to record, download or save Napster on demand music.

That's why it's called Napster on demand streaming music, it's only for streaming online to your pc and other devices, you don't get to also save the music to the hard disk.
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Julian T answered
Don't believe either there's any solution that would allow you to record and save Napster on demand music to your pc, you can only listen to the music from your Napster subscription online.
Or maybe you can use a tape recorder for the job, just like in the good ole days.:))
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Kris answered
Neah, I think you should pass on that sound recorder and move on to finding some better sound recorder to use to record or capture Napster on demand music streaming.
This one doesn't offer you that many options for recording audio or audio streams plus the quality of the recordings would not be very good.

There was some audacity sound recorder, if I recall correctly the name. Have you already tried to use that one to record Napster music?
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That piece of software mentioned by Kris might be a good starting point for you in finding the best solution to record, download, save napster on demand music.

Although this one has the same basic working principle as the sound recorder from win pc's, it records what comes through your sound card meaning what you hear. Not sure about the quality of the recorder music you'd get.

Maybe there are also other more efficient ways to record Napster on demand.
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C'mon tape recorder? Seriously?

Gave up using Napster some time ago, but since you say it's music streaming I am pretty sure there must be some way to record napster on demand music.

Does  windows still have that preinstalled sound recorder? Should be a good starting point for you, since that one records what is being played on your computer like music, streaming radios and so on.
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Yup, win sound recorder still there, I am also sure it does the job of an audio stream recorder.

I don't see why it couldn't also record or capture napster on demand music streaming and save the music for you without any problems.

Here's also some guide on how to use the sound recorder to record and save audio music.
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I think you may need a program named streaming audio recorder to record and save music streaming from Napster. Since program in this category is designed for people to record steaming audio well, it should get task done too.
Also, if you have Windows sound recorder on your PC, you can capture audio streams in this way.

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