If There Was A Remake Of Bonanza, Who Should Be The Actors?


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I think Hoss ought to be played by the Big Show from ECW
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They've already done a remake of Bonanza it didn't do well,seems they didn't figure a lot of people watched the show,and the viewers did not like the people who portrayed the old stars,and given the story line,the early years,it just didn't work,Ben was never a coward,and all of his sons had his same spirit,the hunt for truth,helping others and for everyone to have a fair shot at justice,the new show had none of this,and I don't think anyone could do Ben, Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe Cartwright and the acting live up to the actors standards who portrayed these characters,.
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Ben should be played by Sam Elliot
Hoss should be maybe Vince Vaughn
Adam would be Tom Seleck
Little Joe would be
Kyle Chandler
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The original show is so nice with the characters in complete rapport with one another. I particularly liked Lorne Greene - Ben Cartwright.
The others were good too, but I thought Ben was the more mature one. I was not yet
ten years old when I watched the show.
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All the above are fun answers!  What about:
     Ben  Harrison Ford
     Hoss   Jack Black
     Adam    Luke Wilson
     Little Joe  Shia LeBeof
(  I knowI borrowed Shia from someone else but I LOVE him)
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I like it the way it is. Why change a great show like that?
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I agree. I am watching dvd's of Bonanza (original) and it is splendidly entertaining
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Can't remake the best, some thing should be left alone.
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There is a lot you can do with computer animation to make the original characters do the acting. Love and Peace, Peace
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Ben Cartwright - Robert de Niro
Hoss Cartwright - Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Little Joe - Shia LeBeouf
Adam Cartwright - Mark Wahlberg
Hop Sing - Johnny Depp

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Okay I thought about this for a while and I think this will surprise a lot of people..and I hate to put a couple of these names in here but I think together the cast could pull it off...we have as ben -tom selleck....we have as adam -josh duhamel remembering they are suppose to be the sons of ben/tom selleck...we have as hoss -and you wont believe this but rulan gardner olympic greco roman wrestler....and finally as little joe and I can't believe I am saying this but here goes shia la beouff(yes the beef) and then going a little farther I picked for hop sing -out of left field  the dr from eli stone----james saito---and for a substitute the little old guy from the baby tea leaves commercial I think you all know who I am talking about....how did I do?
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Now remember they have to have a break in period for people to get use to them....
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Why not, indeed!  That was a great show!  OK, instead of Dan Blocker as Dad  Ben, how about Dennis Franz?  -- Hoss played by Louie Anderson (the comic), Mel Gibson as Adam, and Noah Wylie as Little Joe!  How's that for a novel and intriguing line-up?  LOL!!
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Ben Cartwright (age 50) - George Clooney Adam Cartwright (age 35) - Ryan Reynolds Hoss Cartwright (age 35) - Ethan Suplee "Little Joe" Cartwright (age 24) - Zac Efron.  I know that Adam's character was six years older than Hoss, but Roberts and Blocker were also the same age. Clooney is only 15 yrs older than the two characters that would play his elder sons but remember Greene was only 13 yrs older than Roberts. Would be great cast!
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I was never a big fan of Bonanza. I was pretty young when it was popular and I guess didn't really follow it. As for the re-runs....I just never really got into it. Sorry~

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