Who Is The Smartest Actor In Bollywood?


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Aren't monkey's primates?
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10th: Small Toothed Whale

These are warm blooded creatures take long journeys across the ocean and are able to find others in their group from several hundred miles away.

9th : Squid and Octopus

These are considered to be among the smartest sea creatures.  The octopus builds its own shelter from debris and is incredibly skilled at camouflaging itself.  It can also change it’s pattern and colour in under a second.

8th: Sheep

According to British scientists, sheep have exceptional memory skills and can identify human and animal faces.

7th: Cacadu Parrot

A cacadu named Badjo in the UK was declared the country’s smartest animal.  Badjo can sew by holding a needle and thread with his beak.  His owner is a professional tailor who claims the bird is over 90% accurate.

6th: Crows

City crows tend to be smarter than their rural counterparts, but most scientists agree they are the smartest birds in the world.

5th: Monkeys

Macacas are very intelligent and, importantly, can recognize themselves in mirrors.

4th: Rats

Rats are able to learn from experience.  Over time, a rat will learn how to steal food from mouse traps by setting off the spring before attempting to retrieve the food.  Older rats will also protect less experienced rats by stopping them from eating poisonous meals.

3rd: Dolphins

British Special Forces have used dolphins as war informants to carry messages between ships.  Dolphins keep one half of their brain awake when they sleep.

2nd: Elephants

Elephants can do many things with their trunks including painting.  They have long memories and this allows them to distinguish friends from enemies.

1st: Primates

Gorillas and chimpanzees have long been considered the most intelligent animals but orangutans are being studied by scientists who believe they may surpass both of these in their ability to use tools to obtain food etc.
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Top ten bollywood actor

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