Which Is The Best Actress In Bollywood?


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According to me, the best actress in Bollywood is Rani Mukharjee. She is a versatile actress with ravishing looks and positive attitude. Rani today is considered to be the best actress among the list of actresses. If a film features Rani, the film is forecasted as a hit, even though the film flops Rani's acting gives such an impression on the minds of viewers that her role is remembered for long time.
The bubbly actress with hazel eyes started her career with 'Raja ki ayegi baraat', even though the film was not a success, but Rani's acting was noticed by the critics and she was rated as the future super star. After that Rani didn't looked back and she flourished as an actress film by film. She was in the news with her wonderful performance in Ghulam and with the third movie Rani was in headlines again receiving the Best Supporting Actress award from Filmfare for her active and playful performance in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai thus enhancing herself in the Bollywood.
Rani being cousin of Kajol; one of the leading actress of Bollywood, had germs of acting from the very start and was considered to rise more higher than Kajol.
In February 2005, Filmfare Magazine published her face among the "Ten Most Powerful Names of Bollywood"; she was the only woman to receive such an honour. She was ranked eighth on the Power List in February 2006, configuring the highest ranking for a woman. Rani was also ranked number one in the Filmfare Top Ten Actresses' listing both years, 2004 and 2005. In 2005, she worked with the biggest production houses and banners: Black, Bunty aur Babli and The Rising. These three movies were amongst the top ten grosser of the year. Paheli, while only moderately successful, was India's official entry to the 2006 Oscars.
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Aishwarya, she is the most famous as well
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I think dia mirza, priyanka chopra ,rani mukherji,preity zinta,katrina kaif,bipasha basu,esha deol,madhuri,aishwarya rai and last of all my 2 favourite of all tme AMRITA RAO and KAJOL MUKHERJI (hate saying devgan) most ppl wont think kajol but she won 18 or 29 awards which is a lot and if you think shes ugly thts your thought well  I don't think she is and she won 1999, Style Awards Most Stylish Heroine so I don't no whats bad about her look at all the actresses without make up and I think katrina kaif looks fine wihout any.rani won 45 awards or less which is really gud.she only17 awards for best actress and kajol got 10 or 16 which is nearly a tie but most ppl choose rani over kajol about looks and some of her acting but but for me kajol is way way way way way wayway way way way way way way way better but thts my poinion and sharukh and rani only won 1 award as a jodi and kajol and srk won 2 so I think she is better and so is amrita
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Kajol , priyanka chopra
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One of my favorite actress in Bollywood movies is Sri Devi, but it's heartbroken for all fan Sridevi has tragically passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest in Dubai where she was attending a family wedding. 

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I have to go with Jane Fonda is the best actress in Hollywood she does an exceptional job on what ever the movie .
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Hey my name is aryaan according to me kat and bebo are the best but if you want 1 I will choose kareena

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