What's The Most Famous Scandals In Bollywood?


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The Bollywood is the 2nd largest film industry in the world, after Hollywood. And it is a big source of revenue for the country. Every year, there came many scandals of the celebrities of the Bollywood. The most recent scandal of the 2006 was of Abhishek Bachan and Ashwariya Rai, and later on they get married. Before the Ashwariya, abhishek was strongly related with Rani Mukargi, and Ashwariya was related with salman khan for so long time but suddenly, there came break up and Abhishek get married with Ashwariya. One chapter closed.

There is also a scandal of Saif Ali khan and Pretty Zinta, and the rumors are still in the media that they are getting married, but still it is just a rumor. There was also a rumor about Bipahsa Basu and John Ibrahim, and they came together in many programs, but soon there came the rumor of there break up.

Now a day, there is a rumor of scandal between Salman Khan and the super model Katrina Kaif, that they are getting married. Let see what happen in there story also.

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