Do Bollywood actresses sleep around?


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Arthur Wright answered

Hollywood is its own sex city in of itself so many things do happen, but cant say for sure all of them do

David Shabazi Profile
David Shabazi answered

It honestly depends on the actor/actress.

Yes, some of them do, and some are widely known for it, but not every actor/actress does it. Though I can't really specify which actors/actresses do that since I'm not really into these kinds of things.

Adila Adila Profile
Adila Adila answered

There's no right or wrong answer because how would you know what they do and what they don't do? But what I would say because of the Indian culture they are less likely to be reported sleeping around or having affairs but seeming as though Bollywood is stepping forward now, Indian showbiz reporters are hot on the gossip and meltdown of these Bollywood stars!

For example Shilpa Shetty was found to be dating an already married man (though she says he told her he was getting a divorce) , beside the don't get with married people. But because Shilpa was made known in the Western society would explain why her scandal was widely publicised. Still though it's becoming more acceptable for Bollywood actresses to become more explicit with their personal life. They won't admit to it though, they'd get scrutiny from their traditional fans the media wouldn't be too kind on them either.

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Anita Jourdain answered

what actor/actress doesnt hooch up if you know what i mean. Some are overly flirtatious some run off to whoevers bedroom but it really depends on the person

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