Who Is James Maslow's Girlfriend?


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While it can't be categorically determined whether Big Time Rush heartthrob James Maslow is intimately involved with anyone or not, there are a number of candidates being churned out by the rumour mill. While we can't be sure how much truth is in these rumours we can have a bit of fun speculating on each of the suspects:

Miranda Cosgrove: Celebrity gossip webzine has the 18 year-old Miranda as dating James Maslow. This rumour most likely evolved from Miranda making a cameo appearance as herself on Big Time Rush in 2010.

Victoria Justice: Another celebrity bash and a couple of promotional photos with the stunning Nickelodeon presenter was enough to set tongues wagging for the actress and songwriter's potential as James Maslow's other half.

Ciara Hanna - A contestant on America's Next Top Model and a recurring character on The Bold and The Beautiful, the gossip mill went into over-drive when Ciara Hanna and James Maslow appeared together at the 2010 Young Hollywood Awards together. This was quickly refuted on 18th May 2010 when the Big Time Rush official website posted 'James Maslow is single! Don't believe the rumours'.

The cynical among us might say that the reason the website were so quick to deny it would be to maintain James' single status in order not to shatter the false hope of his hoards of young female fans, although James Maslow himself allegedly backed up the assertion to one of his Twitter followers, when asked "who is Ciara Hanna? " Maslow is reported to have replied "Just a friend. She has the same manager as I do that's why we were at the event together".

Other cursory mentions go to the mysterious Cheala Burn and the suspiciously surname free Amy-Louise, but the fact remains that no-one in the public sphere knows who James Maslow is going out with, if indeed he is seeing anyone.

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