Is James Maslow's Brother Dead?


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James Maslow's brother is not dead - although he was in a serious motorcycle accident that nearly killed him!

Is James Maslow's brother still alive? According to an interview published on, James Maslow's big brother Philip was involved in a very serious motorcycle crash that left him in ICU for over 6 months.

During this time, James Maslow feared for his brother's life, and had to endure seeing him in a coma for an entire month.

Thankfully, Philip Maslow pulled through, though - and is apparently thinking of becoming a doctor because of his ordeal. Apart from losing some vision in his right eye, he has now emerged from his accident 100% healthy.

If you want to see some photographic evidence of Philip chilling with his brother James, why not visit the Tumblr blog dedicated to him!

The pictures posted on the blog show Philip hanging out with James and their big sister Ali, a very endearing family indeed!
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No, his brother is alive. This was told by James Maslow in an interview. His brother was in an accident but survived. For details, visit this link.

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