Is James Maslow Sexy and Rich?


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James Maslow is an American actor and singer who is best known for his role in the TV show Big Time Rush. He is widely viewed as something of a 'teen idol' for his good looks.

Although no exact figures are available, it is thought that James Maslow's acting and record deals provide him with a significant income.

James Maslow: Sexy and rich

Two things that make a man attractive are good looks and money, and James Maslow is a guy who has both in copious amounts.

Whilst physical appearance is a fairly subjective issue, James Maslow's casting as a narcissistic but lovable teen in the Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush is definitely down to his sex appeal.

When producers are looking to cast for a show with a female teenage target audience, they often specifically cast well-groomed, attractive young men.

The plot line of the TV show in question is based around the exploits of four young men that form a boy band to compete in a national talent competition.

In this context, Maslow certainly fits into the demographic of attractive and athletic young male.

James Maslow is in the money

As far as James Maslow's wealth, no official figures are available. It is thought that the annual revenue of the show Big Time Rush exceeds $8 million, and one would assume that a significant chunk of that goes towards paying the show's stars.

Maslow is also involved in the Big Time Rush spin-off band and commands money for his television appearances and product endorsement deals. Due to his large following, it is thought that even his Twitter account is worth a few thousand dollars.

Based on these factors, I'd say it's safe to assume James Maslow is fairly well-off.
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He is an American singer and actor. He has a very attractive body. He was born on 16th July, 1990 in New York City.

He started to get singing training at the age of 6. He started working s Shane in iCarly episode on TV.

Big time rush is the name of his band.
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he is rich

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