Who Played "Scooter" In The Movie D3: The Mighty Ducks?


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In D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996), the Varsity Warriors goalie, Scooter, is played by Scott Whyte.

Scott Whyte in the Mighty Ducks movie series

In D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994), Scott Whyte played Team Iceland member Gunnar Stahl. In D3, he returns as Scooter, the goalie for Varsity Warriors. There doesn't appear to be any connection between the two characters, so we can probably assume that this is a continuity error that we're not supposed to notice!

About Scott Whyte

Scott Whyte has done plenty of voice acting for video games, including Star Wars: The Old Republic and Diablo III. He also played Chris Anderson on the TV show City Guys between 1997 and 2001, and is listed as Eddie Adams in the movie To The Wall, which (as of June 2012) is still in post-production.

The Mighty Ducks Trilogy

The Mighty Ducks is a live-action film series released by Disney in the 1990s. The trilogy follows a Twin Cities ice hockey team who must stick together to face various challenges. An animated TV series based very loosely on the films was released in 1997, and consisted of 26 episodes about an ice hockey team of humanoid ducks.

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Check Imdb there is no "Scooter" listed in the cast
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That's why I asked, I missed the credits, and he's not listed on IMDB.. I don't really care anymore, but it seemed important to me then, :D
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His name is Scott Whyte he also played Gunner Stahl in mighty ducks 2 He was the guy from the Iceland team. You can see it on imdb under mighty ducks 2.

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