How Many People Hate Selena Gomez?


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yeahh sucks Profile
yeahh sucks answered
Well I think selena is FAKE, she can't sing, she act just okay. Maybe miley is not the best singer in the world, but at least miley sounds real, selena sounds in live concert is sucks and make me got earache.
Selena is not a miley wannabe
miley is miley. Selena is selena. Do not compare them, they are two different people, they have two different personality
well selena has a good style, she is looks like a Zara girl and miley looks like a GAP girl. Respect them
peace out!
Mike J Profile
Mike J answered
I don't hate her at all, I don't really have anything against her, nor do I like her.
~Darren~ ~BigBoySly~ Profile
Never  hate  anyone  but  You  can  say  that  you  dislike her  , I  never  hate  anyone
Hate  is  a   very  strong  word  hunni
Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
I Think Lots Of Teens Are Addicted To Her . I Don't Care For That Type Of Music But I Guess Everyone Can Enjoy Who They Like. She's Like A Lot Of Disney Stars
Jessica Bub Profile
Jessica Bub answered
About a million or billion or a trillion, lol I don't know, but I have nothing against her.
Mike McCarthy Profile
Mike McCarthy answered
I don't know Selena but I don't hate her. Life is too short to hate people.

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