How Old Is Selena Gomez?


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Selena's birthday is July 22 1992, so she is 16 years old.
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She is 16 and she is in wizard of waverly place!
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She is 17 now
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Selena gomez is now 17 and her birthday is July, 22     '-'
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Well the ppl that say she is 16 r dumb she is 17 if you-ll got that she was 16 from princess protection program whats what edition well of course she was 16 back then but now shes 17 duh ppl get with the program
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Selena and me are besties and I used to live down the street from her but I now live in canada and her B day is July 22nd 1992 so she is 17 turning 18 this year
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Guys her age is 17 just type on your computer how old is she and it would say 17 try it I'm always honest because I don't want to go in hell!I'm 9 so what?
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yea right! All of you r wrong SHE IS 18! And I have a signed poster of her that says "your my biggest fan! Thanks 4 supporting me!love selena!"   SERVED! Bo-you

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andy johnson
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How does that proof shies hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Kelsey commented
She just does tht to make kids feel great about thereselfs and you are a child on these kind of websites?
Beth commented
That doesnt prove anything shes only 17
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She is 17 years old, and about to turn 18 on July 22 she has gotten so big my little girl is growing up so fast :( I remember when she was just a baby

Yours Truly, Mandy T.
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I think selena gomez rocks and she is SO amazing I just wish I could meet her in real life and be her bff
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From today, November 4, 2010, she is 17 years old and will be turning 18 on July 22.
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She will be 19 years old after 14 days , and I love her movie that named wizards of waverly place on disnie chanel don't miss that movie!
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She is really 17  but she trying 18 soon in july 22  she a singer too  and she is a only chlid  too but demi has a sister   not selena !
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Missy who think she her biggest fan well listen she huged me gave me her cell number she signed my paper and I gave her my number and she called me more than you can count because your dumb she is 16
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17 now yeesh. Just look on wikipedia or google or something. Shes born on july 22, 1992 so shes 17.
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Selena Gomez is going to turn 17 soon. She's not the same age as Tiffany Thorton, who is actually in college. Hey, I'm surprised too!
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Selena Gomez is the child of Mandy Cornett and Ricardo Gomez. She was born on July 22, 1992 in New York, New York.   

:D Hope I helped :D

P.S. So she is 17
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I know her phone number!!!
Its 214-306-9590 its her fan
phone number she might
call you back!!! Oh and shes 17 :)
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She is 16 and she has her own page on facebook, Its ' Selena Marie Gomez x ' its awesome!

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