How Will The Soap Opera.. In The Name Of Love Run From The Beggining Till The End?


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peter gateri answered
Will paloma know that cristobal is his father?
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Sue Kinyua answered
Carlota will confess to paloma that she is the one who killed inaki,macarena and doctor rodolfo(bermudez).She will try to throw paloma down on the stair case but paloma will sway and carlota will fall and become paralysed.Paloma will get married to Emiliano but carlota will escape from the hospital to go and kill her but she wont manage.She will kill paloma's friend and run inside the church where cristobal will follow her till to the roof.Carlota is told to let go of the gun but moves back to the edge and falls but cristobal grabs her hand......He can't handle the weight so he lets go and Carlota falls and Dies.Romina and German are happy with their kid and she is done with Emiliano.Camila is married to Rafael.The End
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Mercy Waithera answered
Carlota will confess. Rumina will marry german, paloma emiliano becoz gabriel will be killed by carlota. Camila will get married to raphael and angelica will be married by yolanda. Many events will take place

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