The soap opera 'don't mess with an angel', how will it end for Gwen Miguel, Mauri-chy and Cecilia?


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The exciting Mexican soap opera, or telenova, "Don't Mess With An Angel", tells the story of a young girl who is raised by a priest. During her teen years, she leaves the priest and seeks out new mentors in her community. Eventually, she meets her true love, but she finds out a secret about his past that damages their relationship. This young woman must decide whether or not to continue on with him, especially since another woman has entered the picture and done her best to cause trouble. In the end, this couple does sort out their issues; and they get married and live happily ever after. The individual fates of Gwen Miguel, Mauri-chy, and Cecilia, as they relate to the television program's storyline, are all very happy.

  • About soap operas

Do you love watching soap operas and getting all caught up in the floods of emotions and circumstances that surround the central and secondary characters? If you do, you're not alone, because millions of people routinely switch on their television sets to experience the drama, romance, and action of soap operas. Whether a soap opera is Mexican, American, or what you, it will almost always features good-looking characters who struggle against obstacles and seek out romance in its most passionate forms.

  • Relatable characters

Often, people who watch soaps will begin to relate to the characters - in some cases, this feeling of "relating" will become very strong, to the point where viewers can basically feel the emotions of the characters they like the best.

In these stories, morality tends to be quite black and white; in soap operas, generally speaking, characters are good, or they are bad to the bone. People don't really want to see the grey areas of human morality in telenovas. To learn more about "Don't Mess With An Angel", visit the show's official website.

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