don,t mess with an angel? What happened in the end


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This popular Mexican soap opera, which translates into Spanish as Cuidado Con El Angel, follows the story of Marichuy who was traumatised by an attack from an alcoholic when she was a teenage girl. This happened after she ran away. Following on from a brush with crime, she was forced to attend court facing charges, not knowing that her biological father is the judge presiding over the case. A widowed man called Juan Miguel promises to take custody of Marichuy once she is released. He is an award-winning surgeon in Mexico, and although he has the ability to cure Marichuy, who later gets a brain tumour in the series, Marichuy’s Dad prevents the young man from doing so, even though the couple are madly in love and want to spend the rest of their lives with one another.

However, Juan Miguel is set up by another jealous girl who wants his affection. She falsely claims that this brain surgeon had sex with her and got her pregnant, so Marichuy leaves. Pregnancies and fires soon follow, and Juan Miguel thinks that he has lost Marichuy after she begins to fall in love with someone else. However, despite the turmoil, they are willing to get married again, and so the ending of the series shows all of the cast that remain frolicking on the beach, dressed from head to toe in white flowing garments.

If you want to enjoy the programme in more detail, make sure you continue to watch repeats that are available online!
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Are you sure you want to know the end? If you want to see a spoiler, the latest information I can find is here. If there are any more episodes planning, this link would be a good one to keep checking for updates,
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Juan miguel marry maria de jesus
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It ended with Manichuy's marriage according to another Blurter. It was possible to see the ending on You tube but sadly the link seems not to exist any more. It is hard to find English language fan sites for this show, but there are quite a few fans here on Blurtit - you may like to look through the questions and answers about the show on this site, and maybe try to send some of the fans a message through the shout box.

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