How will the the soap opera dont mess with an angel end?


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Don't mess with an angel or 'Cuidado Con El Ángel' is a Mexican telenovela first broadcast between 9th June 2008 and 6th March 2009. The soap opera follows the life of 'Marichuy', a woman who was given up to an orphanage as a child because her mother was dying and grew up without knowledge that her parents were actually still alive. A set of circumstances leads her back to her lost family, and into the arms of her psychoanalyst, Juan Miguel San Roman, who is granted custody of Marichuy during a court hearing. As the soap opera continues Marichuy and Juan Miguel begin to fall in love and revelations about Marichuy's past, and her family, begin to unravel. The soap opera comes to an end when Marichuy is led into a hostage situation by Juan Miguel's other love interest, Anajulia. During the hostage situation Anajulia plans to kill herself, her unborn child (who is believed to be Juan Miguel's child) and Marichuy because she finds that Juan Miguel is not in love with her but is instead in love with Marichuy. The plan backfires when Anajulia goes into labor, and gives birth. However she still starts a fire believing all is lost, burning the building they are all in, whilst a helpless Juan Miguel looks on. As Juan Miguel begins to think Marichuy is dead, she emerges from the flames holding the newborn baby in her arms. The baby is given to friends Purita and Adrian. The final scenes see Marichuy and Juan Miguel remarry (they had been married to each other once before, however revelations about Juan Miguel's past split the marriage) and go on honeymoon together. The final scene shows Marichuy and Juan Miguel dressed in white on a beach together.
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How will the soap opera don't mess with an angel end?

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