Would Justin Bieber Date Me Quiz?


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There are quite a few websites out there that make websites that they specifically use to publish quizzes that they have made and generated. By doing a quick Google search, we found You can also try

We also found this one asking 'Could you be Justin's perfect girl?', linking us to this website: I would not recommend doing this quiz unless you desperately need a computer to tell you that you can date Justin Bieber because this website is a subscription service that requires you to pay £4.50 per week in the small print.

Don't just search for 'would Justin Bieber date me' quizzes, try variations such as would you make a couple, are you a good girl for Justin Bieber. Some of them even have other fun quizzes that are all centred around the theme of Justin Bieber.

If you can't find any decent quizzes online then there are usually one or two inside magazines aimed at young teenage girls. These are probably the safer option to do because with a lot of quiz website on the Internet, they can be a bit 'dodgy' and sometimes viruses or tracking infections can come through them onto your computer and cause problems. Just be careful with the websites you choose and exit off anything quickly if something doesn't look right, although if your computer is installed with some decent anti-virus software you should probably be fine.

You should know though that these quizzes aren't actually real and that Justin Bieber himself would most definitely not be reading your answers, as you mentioned in your question. These quizzes are out there just for entertainment purposes and are to be taken as being hypothetical. They are just meant to be providing you with something to have fun with and laugh about, and we definitely wouldn't recommend taking this seriously.
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Well if he met you and he thought you r the 1 he is looking for he would but hopefully he would =) good luck..
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Soooooo happy took 20 tests and 16 said...well...I'm afraid Justin Bieber is reading this so I;m kind of shy but I'm just going to say there were 16 yes guys will know what I'm talking about. :)


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