How Can I Watch Scorpio Nights 1 For Free?


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The tagalog film Scorpio Nights (1985) is not currently available in full on any of the major video hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCafe or Daily Motion, although brief clips of the film exist across all these sites.

The film was available for a time on YouTube in two parts, although these were taken down by YouTube due to copyright violations. Metacafe also removed a copy of Scorpio Nights for the same reason. However, this situation can change, so it's still worth checking from time to time.

Several sites are offering Scorpio Nights to download for free, although the validity of such sites must be considered dubious. If you want to take the risk, try:


Be aware however that these copies may have been pirated and once downloaded, you can be considered to have committed a criminal act, so approach with caution.

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