What Is Kendall Schmidt Cell Phone Number From Big Time Rush?


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Many people who are well known or in the public eye will make sure that they keep all their personal and private details as secret as possible. This is usually to prevent fans or admirers pestering them with calls and messages or, as have been known to take place in the past, media organizations using private and cell phone numbers in order to access voice mail messages and private calls. This means it is often very difficult for people to get hold of the personal number for someone such as Kendall Schmidt.

Kendall Schmidt has risen to fame over recent years as an actor and singer, appearing in Big Time Rush as the character Kendall Knight. He has also appeared in shows such as ER and Without a Trace and Frazier. Born in Wichita, Kansas in November 1990, Schmidt was something of a child star, he had a passion for singing from the age of five and he was also appearing on TV commercials as well as in films such as the smash hit AI. He is the youngest of three brothers, who are also involved in TV and film. It was 2009 when Schmidt was cast to play Knight in the Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush. The first show was watched by a massive audience of 7.1 million, making it a record debut for the TV channel.

Due to his popularity it is unlikely that his phone number is in the public domain, so the best bet for fans wishing to contact him is by going through his official fan page, which can be found at
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Kendall schmidt's phone number is NOT 7045066932 that is my number and whoever put my number on the internet is not telling the truth because my name is angel and I don't appreciate that because whoever put it up here wouldnt like it if someone put theyre num,ber on the internet saying its him but I don't want to steer you wrong I do love kendall but that is NOT his number.

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