Where Can I Watch Filipino Classic Bold Films?


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You can watch quite a few classic bold movies from the Philippines on established video hosting sites such as YouTube and Metacafe. 

Remember however that these films could be removed at any time, if they violate copyright laws.

Currently on YouTube you can watch Kirot (1983) starring Stella Estrada, Mababangis Na Bulaklak (1986) with Christina Crisol, Materyales Fuertes (1986) with Myrna Castillo and Christina Gonzales in Nang Gabing Mamulat Si Eba (1992). 

These films will provide links to other bold movies available on YouTube.

Metacafe has a few more modern pinoy bold films such as Babingka (2002) and My Neighbor's Wife (2011). It mostly holds four or five minute clips of bold movies, with details on where to access the full movie at a site called

If you wanted to download a film, you could try sites like, or Remember that downloading a film can be considered breaking the law as an act of piracy.

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