Did Sade Adu Kill Her Husband?


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No, she didn’t. Sade married the Spanish film director, Carlos Pliego in 1989, and they split up six years later in 1995 because he couldn’t cope with the demands that were made on her because she was in the public eye so much. Even though Sade had bought a flat in Madrid and tried to spend as much time as she could with her husband, it wasn’t enough for him and her long American tour finally put paid to their marriage.

Not long after this, Sade had a relationship with a Jamaican musician whom she met in London. Although it was not a relationship that survived for very long, it did produce her daughter, Ila, who is now 15.

Sade’s current partner is called Ian Watts and he is a Cambridge educated ex-marine and ex-fireman. They live together in a village just outside Stroud in Gloucestershire with Ila and Ian’s 20 year old son from an earlier relationship. According to Sade, this family is her life.

Reputedly worth £30 million, Sade doesn’t flaunt her money. The cottage that she shares with her family was a stone built wreck that they have restored themselves, with work also being done on a nearby farmhouse that they will eventually move into, but it is all a far cry from the glamour that people usually expect from stars.

Although she may be frugal when it comes to her own life, there has never been any hesitation when her friends and family needed money, either for homes or business ventures; the only stipulation she ever made was that they never ever spoke or wrote about it for any of the media. This is typical of Sade: After being misquoted in the press one too many times, she has become a recluse.
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Sade Adu is a popular Nigerian /British Singer, songwriter, composer and producer. She is the key person behind the Grammy award winning band Sade.

She married Carlos Scola who is a Spanish movie maker in 1989. They later divorced each other. After some years, she moved in with a Jamaican producer Bob Morgan. They now have a daughter Ila. She was never involved in killing of her husband.
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No I don't think so, her voice talk for her sweetness

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