What Are Good Names For A Best Friends' Club?


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Looking for a great name for your best friends' club? I'd recommend picking one that represents your beliefs and personalities.

Why not ask yourselves the following questions before deciding on a name:

  • What are we all about?
  • What do we enjoy doing?
  • What makes us friends?
  • What are some of our favorite things?
  • What kind of image do we want to have?
A name for a best friends' club
Friendship is obviously a key topic for any best friends' club. If you want a name that reflects the strong tie between friends, why not pick something like 'Brothers in arms' or 'United As One'?

UNO might also be a good name - it means 'one' in Spanish, and is also a really fun card game.

Another idea would be to use an acronym. This is where you first chose a name, and then use the first letter of each word it contains as the name of your club. For example, if you were going for the name 'Best Friend's Club', you could use the acronym BFC.

Finally, you may want to consider your image and the message you want to send out.

If you want to appear cool and fierce, then a name like 'Wolf Pack' might be good. Although wolves are very feral and dangerous, they are very loyal and hunt together in groups.
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chou Lily answered
Union Man is a good name.

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