Anyone know a song featuring ice cube with lady chorus in background saying "with the rhythm it takes to dance to what we have to live through". Some other guy is also singing "should i bang with the red or should i bang with blue"?


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John Hardy answered
Actually, it's called "what you want to do" by an artist named Kausion
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Erica Gar answered
Eman310, was "You Know How We Do It (REMIX) the song you were looking for?
Because I've been looking for a song with the exact same lyrics you put, but "You Know How We Do It (REMIX)" isn't it. The one I'm thinking of is I think Ice Cube, but it's faster & the girls in it go "Whoa" *music* "Whoa" *music* "With the rhythm it takes to dance.." etc..
Lol. I don't know if I'm explaining it right..but I can't find the song! It's an old school rap song. Just wondering if you might have figured it out?

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