What Is The Real Age Of Katrina Kaif?


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According to most sources, Katrina Kaif was born on the 16th of July 1984 - making her twenty-eight years of age (at the time of writing this in 2012).

However, there is much debate within the Bollywood community about whether this is in fact her actual age, or merely a ruse intended to give the actress a more youthful appeal.

How old is Katrina Kaif? Although you might not believe this - not all women are honest about their age!

When I first met my wife, she told me she was thirty-five. It turned out she was actually forty at the time... But then I guess there were quite a few things she didn't bother disclosing to me. Like the fact that she'd slept with two of her work colleagues - one of whom she shacked up with after a particularly hedonistic Christmas party (I saw the Facebook pictures).

Anyway, as far as Katrina Kair's age goes, it seems she committed something of a faux-pas when she mentioned in an article that she was eight years old when the Berlin Wall was knocked down.

Considering that that particular historical event took place in 1989, that would make Kair's actual birth year 1981, meaning that she's actually thirty-one, not twenty-eight as it states in her official biography!
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Katrina Kaif age is 33 years.

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