Should Children Be Allowed To Watch Whatever They Want On Television?


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Depends on the TV me (15) I notice I only watch 3-4 things in TV ( tbbt , himym , Dr Who and the news) so it both depends on the kid and the tv

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Didge Doo answered

I think kids should certainly have some say in what they watch but, ultimately, if parents don't exercise control over the programs they're going to watch all kinds of inappropriate rubbish.

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I think they should not be allowed to watch anything they want to, because there is a lot of stuff on television that is not suitable for kids. Children have a very suggestible mind and when they see programs with violence or sex content, they're likely to learn from them and to be inspired to carry out the same acts themselves. So it's very important for parents to monitor what their children watch, so they can benefit positively from watching television.
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Even adults are abusing TV, We do not notice how fast time goes by and dont see the manipulation. How
kids can handle it? I think we must try to give another funny occupation
and love, support to child.

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