I need a cardboard standee/cutout of some disney type characters..any suggestions?


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julie darrow Profile
julie darrow answered
I have used a lot of sights for this type of thing....for gifts, decorating for a party etc.
A good sight is standeemancutouts.com or thestandeeman.com....they have a whole Disney section and guess what?  They have Justin Bieber cutouts too!  Crazy that they are soo popular!  Good luck!
Ray Dart Profile
Ray Dart answered
In England we have similar things running the country.
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
Mickey mouse, minnie mouse, goofy, cinderella, mulan... Etc... Disney princesses.
Madi Ivan Profile
Madi Ivan answered
Go to Disney world and steal the Mickey mouse poster
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Make your own as last nite I was with my family at a big mall in Tampa and saw a store offering life size cardboard cutouts of Justin Bieber for 35 dollars a piece and couldnt believe it

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