How much did Kate Middleton's dress cost?


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Kate Middleton’s dress cost approximately £250,000. The dress was designed by Sarah Burton, a British fashion designer who became Alexander McQueen’s personal assistant upon graduation. She became the new creative director of Alexander McQueen after McQueen’s death in 2010. She has created dresses for Michelle Obama, Cate Blanchett, Lady Gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow.      

It took 20 dressmakers four weeks to make Kate Middleton’s dress, all the while remaining completely oblivious as to whom the dress was intended for; they were told it was for TV period drama. The dressmakers were mainly from the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) and were aged from 19 to their 70s. They replaced their needles every three hours to keep them sharp and clean as they painstakingly stitched on lace motifs, some as small as five-pence pieces, every two to three millimetres.       

The average cost for a wedding dress in the UK is around £1,600 and Diana’s wedding dress is said to have cost £9,000 in 1982.       

It is likely that the dress will be paid for with money from the Civil List which is money paid to the Royal Family to cover the cost of staff; official functions such as state visits, public engagements, ceremonial functions; and the upkeep of the Royal Households.                

There was huge speculation surrounding the dress during the weeks and days leading up to the wedding and it is likely to set a new trend for wedding dresses for years to come with the designer being propelled onto a whole new level of fashion design and celebrity status. Bets were being taken in the bookies regarding who the designer would be and precise details of what the dress would look like. There was some speculation regarding the colour, but it seemed that most people agreed it would be a traditional white or cream colour.
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I couldn't find an exact amount on the internet. But, they said it would be over thousands of pounds. So, I'm guessing thousands of dollars. Her mom's was 9,000$. And they're saying in articles that the tag on Kate's blue dress is 600$!
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