Does Kate Middleton have any siblings?


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Yes, Kate Middleton does have siblings. She has two younger siblings, one brother and one sister.

Philippa Charlotte Middleton, who is also known as Pippa, is Kate's younger sister. She was born in 1983. James Middleton is Kate's younger brother and he was born in 1987. The family grew up in Berkshire and the Middleton family home is in a small village called Bucklebury.

Kate is often called Catherine since marrying Prince William on the 29th of April 2011. Kate's sister Pippa made quite an impression at the wedding in her bridesmaid dress and the press have since focused a lot on her 'assets' and has now become somewhat of a pin-up.

Kate's brother James has had a lot less publicity since the royal wedding and is seen to shun any limelight his sister's royal connections may have brought him.

The royal wedding between Kate and William was a global event and was predicted to be the most watched event in the world. There were many fears of a terrorist attack but the maximum security on the day made sure the event was a great success and everyone was safe throughout.

Kate Middleton's husband Prince William is second in line for the thrown after his dad Prince Charles. However, many believe it would be right to give it straight to Prince William when the Queen passes.
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Yes. Kate Middleton is the first child in her family. She has two siblings, one sister and one brother.

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