How many seasons of skins was Nicholas Hoult in?


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Nicholas Hoult only appeared in the first generation of Skins, which is the first two series from 2007-2008. He plays a young, intelligent, and popular boy among his peers. However he does have a manipulative personality which tends to go unnoticed by many which is therefore a catalyst for a number of major events that occur on the show.

Some facts about Nicholas Hoult's character on Skins:

  • Nicholas Hoult's character, Tony Stonem, plays an anti-hero in the first series. Some say that Tony's actions seemed to be antagonistic, but this is also because the character has sociopathic tendencies.
  • During the second series, Tony is affected by subdural hematoma which causes his character to become more vulnerable. After the second series, his character left together with others on the show although Tony is also alluded to in some episodes of the third and fourth series.
  • Tony comes from a typical English middle-class background, although he is fond of playing cruel games on his family and friends. He tends to show a love for control and manipulation, to the demise of those closest to him.
  • Tony has significant sexual experience, and seems to have a long list of sexual conquests which also included those of the same sex although he doesn't specify a particular orientation.
  • He tends to equate sex with power, and his character clearly shows how he craves for both.
  • One can get more insights into his personality through his reading choices, and in one show he reads a book which explores existentialism and the definition of self. In another episode he reads a book which challenges moral values, and in another he reads a book where a girl is challenged by her sexual preferences because she is homosexual.

The character of Tony Stonem tends to be one which audiences find hard to connect with, although it can be an interesting psychological mix which is rather dark.

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