What is television?


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The television is one of the biggest forms of new media today. As well as the Internet, the television has significant influence over how people think, and allow people to learn about the world without picking up a book. It also provides a great source of entertainment for everybody, offering media for the young and old alike. You can even watch television programs on the Internet, using services like BBC iPlayer and Hulu.

  • What is a program?

The television shows moving images, known as a 'movie', on a screen. The movie is captured by a camera, meaning that you can watch people acting on the screen. You no doubt understand how this works, so all you really need to know is that the television is the equipment that you use to watch whatever has been recorded. Whether it's a sit com, a film or a television serial program, the television will display the moving images and emit sound so that you know what people are saying.

As well as showing a movie that has been recorded, the television can show special effect films as well as cartoons, which are not real life. Cartoons used to be drawn by hand but these days are created using the computer and special effect systems.

  • How are broadcasts received?

The television works by taking a signal from the air, and converting that signal into a moving picture. The signal used to be analogue, but these days, the signal is predominantly digital. Whether you use satellite signal for your television, or you use cable, the signal is basically digital.

Your television can also display information that has been stored on a USB drive or a DVD. You will generally buy a movie on a DVD, or you may even download it off the Internet. Either way, the television is simply a device that displays a moving image and other media.

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