How culture is reflected in movies and television?


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The answer to this question is rather complex given the various cultures, movies and television shows that are out there.

  • Mainstream culture
Mainstream culture can be defined as the main culture in a country whether it is the US, Korea, Europe or another location. There are usually certain "cultural" idioms that we all recognize. These same facts are often spoofed, joked about, seen seriously or otherwise acted out.

It can even be goods or products that are recognized as a cultural entity that are depicted in film. For example, Coke as a product is highly recognized around the world as a leading soft drink in the USA. As a cultural signifier it is used in TV and movies as a drink for the star or other actor.

  • Culture in terms of ethnicity
Ethnicity is another way that culture can be depicted in film or TV. For instance, an Asian character in a TV show or movie may display some of the more common cultural aspects such as their way of speech when speaking English or perhaps food that they eat.

  • Culture as knowledge and beliefs
Behavior is just one way that culture is explored in TV and movies. Knowledge and beliefs can also be shown in the TV and movies. Symbols, words used and religions discussed in the shows will provide some of the cultural distinctions.

Drama, comedy, mystery and other genres are also used as a way to show culture. Depending on the type of show one might see a more serious side depicted about a culture. In a comedy jokes or spoofing of the culture may be more evident. People naturally show their culture when they act because it is a part of everyday life. Each of us is, in some way, built around the culture we live in.

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In my opinion, i can see the culture reflection in movies more then the television. In television, producers mostly thinking about the length of the show and they have to increase the number of episodes as per public response. And in movies the culture is easy to define in 2 hours.

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The culture is reflected in movies and television when directors has shown some good families.

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