Describe the relationship between television and movies and culture?


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There is a strong relationship between TV, movies and culture. This has always been the case, even when looking back to the boom of TV and film in the post war 50s.

The social 'norms' that are seen in TV and in film are further reflected into culture and then created as ideals. Ideals are fed to us through the television and movies and can change culture. These cultural ideals can come from TV characters or just the liberation that some people have got from different TV shows and films.

  • Early television
Following the war, the television boomed. There were not many people with a television during the war but by the 60s most people in the western world had a TV in their home.
The TV brought cultural changes with it, films and TV shows showing ideals such as women's rights and freedom of speech translated across to society and culture and these ideals were slowly passed on as cultural norms.

  • TV and film about you and me
TV and film did romanticize and some people did not feel that they connected with the characters and situations they were in. Then came the rise of the soaps and then there were characters on our screens that we could all relate to. These are shows about normal people and the values and norms of these characters that people can relate to were also translated into cultural ideals.

  • Aspirational viewing
Both TV and film have helped to build the aspirations of the people that watch them. This has therefore created people with aspirational views and people that do strive for more. TV and film has shown that anything is possible and this has also translated into cultural ideals.

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