Where In UK Was The First Radio News Broadcast?


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Radio broadcasting in the United Kingdom commenced in 1920 from Guglielmo Marconi's trial station 2MT situated in Writtle, Essex. It was the development of the Thermionic Valve in 1906 that enabled Marconi to finally create a dependable 'Carrier Wave' that would transmit voice and music from the trial station 2MT in 1920, rather than the spark-gap carriers that were deployed to create the dots and dashes used by the Morse code indications for the past twenty years. 2MT operated from an ex army cabin at Writtle, Essex and would daily transmit thirty minute programs of news and music for almost three years. Listeners could log on by adjusting their crystal sets, the plain structure of radio receiver that necessitated no exterior energy sources.

In October 1922 the government granted the British Broadcasting Company the permit to function and November 14th 1922 saw the ceremonious inaugural of the BBC London station 2LO.

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