How Do I Get More Listeners For My Internet Radio Station?


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The best way to get more listeners is through successful promotion of the radio station to the demographic at which it is targeted. This doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, in fact, modern methods of advertising can be very effective without costing much or, in fact, anything at all.

The first step is to ensure you have a good grasp on who it is the station appeals to or who you are targeting. Once you have a firm idea of this you need to work out ways of reaching these people. This could be anything from handing out cards at local gigs to competitions run through related websites/magazines.

Secondly, use social media channels to your advantage; for example, set up a Facebook and Twitter page dedicated to your radio station. Using radio station name, post links to your site on other fan pages which again are relevant to your chosen music genre. This will get your name out there amongst your target market. In addition to this, become a member of social communities such as chat rooms, online fan clubs etc. Which again may relate to the genre in question. This can help in numerous ways including spreading the name, making contacts, getting ideas and for posting live links to your station.

Thirdly, make sure you add your radio station on as many radio station directories as possible and websites such as Many of these are free and just require you to join their network. These sites allow people to search all listed stations by genre or by keyword and so will allow listeners to find you with very little effort.
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Have you ever heard the old saying location ,location,location. Put your station info on all your friends pages and have them get you on all of their friends pages. Create a network with family friends neighbors and relatives. Start small and build on it.
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I work in the internet radio field and have found several techniques to work.

First - add your radio station to directories that just list radio station data. Don't count on google to be your only listing. - is one of the largest directories - I think it is free to add your station.

Nokia has a streaming radio station directory and the stream guys do too.

Second - become active in music communities for the genres you play and have a link to your station in your sig. Answer some questions - put up a poll or something and people will be curious about your station if you are interesting, intelligent and relevant.

Good luck!
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First of all try using the traditional marketing methods. Make some brochures and flyers etc and distribute them wherever possible. Secondly, you can make deal with other websites where you can do cross advertising. While you will promote their website on your channel, those websites will have your banner ads. Another way can be to make specific groups or channel for your radio channel like make a channel on MIRC, make a group on orkut etc. This will help in attracting more listeners.
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I'm considering a banner exchange thing, but I don't want tons of banners all over my page. How do those work?
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Chris Baker commented are really good, trust me!
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i am definitely going to cross advertise, the best cheapest way to get out there..
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Well if you want to use media then have a television commercial,and if you want it to deliver on the news papers then have it on the ads or if you want it to endorse online then you have to get your own search engine optimization specialist that can help you online regarding your online station to be number one...there is also a music internet station that I know its
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Me ans my cousin have a radio station but get no views if were lucky we might get 3 we don't want to spend any money so what can we do?
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We have just bought a radio station from a business partner, what do I do to change the state it was so that I can get more lsters
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The best option is the traditional method of word of mouth. Maybe place an ad in a local paper or print some flyers and post them through doors in the area.
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Try offering unsigned artists with a decent following the opportunity to be heard on your station. They will then promote it to their fans ie: Hey I will be live on the Blast Off Radio Show on Hot 88 FM on such and such date, tune in!
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Hot 88.8 FM WTET
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The best way to get your name around is to make twitter and facebook accounts and advertise your upcoming mixes and headlines

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