On the radio dial, how do stations get their broadcast numbers ? example 103.5 FM and etc?


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Our morning DJ's were just discussing this.  :)

You must apply to the FCC.  Unfortunately, the bands are quite full.  There are areas where no frequencies are available that won't interfere with existing stations.  The few that come open are heavily competed for, and expansion is unlikely.

Here's a link to the FCC's info.


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Thank you Rooster. I've been trying to give complete and informative answers. I'm not sure how helpful I've been. If you have any suggestions or critiques of my participation, feel free to share.
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Personally ? You're a breath of fresh air. I've been here a couple of years and have seen some good people ! I hope you stay around and keep up the good work as you're one of those good people ! Have fun and enjoy ! You have a new follower also. You're doing great !
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Thank you. You and Resfreshme have been very kind and inviting. :)

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