Who Is Your Idol?


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Amanda Weller answered
I idolize Mother Theresa because she would help any body even if they were mean or nobody else would help them. I think she is worthy of this because she never saw anybody as beyond help or that they couldn't be helped. I also find her inspiring because if she wanted to do something she never gave up or let any body talk her out of it.

Others should join me because they might find some answers to their problems from reading or learning about this inspiring woman. She left the convent that she lived in at a young age to go into what people call the Black Hole of Calcutta without a thought for her safety. All she was thinking of was saving people. She actually treated a man who was of a religion that was fighting with her religion at the time. He had leukemia and had been banned from coming to any other hospital because of his attitude.

She told her people to bring him to her make-shift hospital as she wouldn't turn away anyone who needed treatment. They brought him there and she treated him and they started to get along. I think the qualities for an idol should be that they have done something above and beyond the call of duty which helps to benefit the world or someone around them.
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Gayle Corbett answered
Perhaps "who do you admire" would be a better question.

I admire Maya Angelou for her common sense and non judgmental philosophy.
Mia Teeliumtrozzle Profile
I do NOT have an idol.Part of the First Commandment is 'do not worship idols.'God HATES us to have idols.We should certainly love and honour Mother Threats, but NEVER have idols.
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suman kumar answered
My idol is definetely Mother Theresa, her work for weaker section of the society was simply admirable.
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Kati Adamson answered
Demi lovato and selena gomez and obviously my mother. Xxx
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Salman Zahid answered
Hazrat Muhammad ( is my only idol...he has great knowledge of every thing...his name is also in the list of world's honest man...he was honest,hard worker,the leader,the prophet,the king,honest,polite,....handsome.....and a lot more.....wt you can think is was more than that...A great personality.
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Gabriel Baker answered
I idolize three people.
1. Edward Van Der Sar (He is an amazing goalkeeper for Manchester United).
2. Sir Edmund Hillary (He was the first man to climb Mount Everest alongside Tenzing Norgay).
3. Sir Charles Upham (He fought in the world war II, he won two Victoria Crosses. He risked his life to save a fellow mate in No Mans land).
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Kalvin Jickie answered
My IDOL is "MY MOTHER". I am very much inspired by her. I have learnt so many things in my life from her...She is the best.

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