Who is your favorite singer?


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My favorite singer is  "Phil Collins"

But I like many other singers, including Madonna, Akon, Shaggy, and 50 cent.

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I'd have to say Lzzy Hale from Halestorm. Wow! What a voice! But I really like anything to do with any type of music....well except country, can't handle that....some rap is ok but it's kinda down on my list too!

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Awesome  Autumn
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Go Brad Paisley! Whoooo hoooo! :D
Lard Ass
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Love ya Autumn but.....blech! ;)
Adriana Adrianalovesschool
My favorite singer is Becky g Rihanna nicki Minaj Adele Katy perry Bruno Mars Sam smith Shawn Mendes prince Royce Romeo santo Enrique Iglesias los yon is Chris brown the weekend omi pit bull Julian Alavert Roberto tapia
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The voice of an angel:


And how about:


And there's always:


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Taylor Swift,Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber...

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Here by Alessia Cara

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