Who Is Your Favorite Female Country Music Singer?


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Faith Hill!! She sings like an angel!
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Brooks and dunn      sweet? Don't you think
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I am not a country fan, but I must confess I had a liking for tammy wynette
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Hey mine is carrie underwood whats yours
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Glen Thornbury answered
NO doubt the best ever is "Patsy Cline"!!!!!
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Janice Watts
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I very much agree with you Patsy Cline was the best!!!!! Played all her music at my wedding
john rhoades
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My favorite female country singer is Reba Macentire. Carrie Underwood and Kelly Pickler
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Although I also really like reba mcentire too I have to say my favorite female county singer is actually the group she daisy.  All country singers toby keith all the way.
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My favorite country singer would have to be Patsy Cline what a powerful voice she had.. Lorreta Lynn ,Carrie underwood,Faith Hill Tim McGraw just to ad a few more of my favs
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It would have to be Faith Hill. I also really like the lead female singing in the group Sugarland.
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Patsy Cline had THE VOICE. Dolly Parton is VERY underrated as a songwriter; she's written some brilliant songs. Loretta Lynn is pretty amazing, too; VAN LEAR ROSE, her album with Jack White of the White Stripes a couple of years ago, was a knock-out.

I don't know if you're including alt-country, but the first name that comes to mind is Lucinda Williams.
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My favorite country music singer is Taylor Swift, but I also like Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert.
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That is simple the best women of country music is :
1faith hill
3patsy cline
5peggy&patsy lynn
6carrie Underwood
7sarah evens
I could go on and on don't get me started but my favourite is patty loveless, her and vince gill are great singing together
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Miranda Lambert!!! So talented. Ses a REAL country singer. Not like taylor swift or carrie.

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