Who is your favorite singer/band? Favorite songs?


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There are far too many to list but the most played artist in my playlist right now would be Within Temptation. They have an interesting hard rock/metal sound with lyrics that make you think. Here are some of their best songs. Check them out, you may enjoy them.

Truth Beneath The Rose: Doubting faith.

The Howling: Similar meaning to The Tell Tale Heart.

Murder: Their rendition of the personality of an addiction.

Say My Name: Her experience with her grandfather who has Alzheimer's.

Angels: A theme of revenge.

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So many music questions these days!

♥ Linkin Park ♥ ^-^ ! 

Favorite songs: Every single song they create!  But on top of them, "In the end"

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Halestorm....favorite song? Anything from them! 

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Good ole Ray Stevens ! Always good for a smile or laugh !

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 I just wanna see if I can post a video on my phone here yet  :/ this is my fave song at moment but probs won't be tomorrow... But it might still be .. But it might not too. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO POST A VIDEO ON MOBILE !! Rant over 😡

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Rooster Cogburn
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You're welcome. I'll see if I can get Happy to help you out. She knows the phones better than I do.
Jaimie  JT
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You know I never give up eh :) I'll Suss it eventually yeah knob :p
Rooster Cogburn
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I know you will. I axed Happy if she would help you but I'm not sure if she's online.
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So many to choose from . . . In the 80's it was Tina Turner, Corey Hart, The Police, and many 1 hit wonders.

Lately I like so many different artists . . .

Here's one that is great: (If he looks familiar, it's because that is Sting's son)

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