What Is Your Favorite Song And Who Is It By?


24 Answers

Kayla Thompson Profile
Kayla Thompson answered
I like ANY hollywood undead songs. They are my fave band of all time:)
Keyana Henderson Profile
Invisible by Taylor Swift or Crazier by Taylor Swift
James Schaaf Profile
James Schaaf answered
My favorite piece of music is "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Execute the sound by P.O.D (I'm a girl and i really luv pod)
Kioyre S. Profile
Kioyre S. answered

There is many to choose from... But it is probably "Ruined Ends" by one of my favorite bands of all-time: Wovenwar.

Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Fort Minor - Where'd You Go

Actually I can't really pick one, because too many to note, it's just a random pick of my fave.

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