What's your favourite song by Pink Floyd?


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Wish you were here, Money, and Shine on you crazy diamond.
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All three remind me of my dad :< only once every two weeks
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Aw. That's sad to hear. Cheer up, atleast you get to see him and i am sure when you meet him all the waiting must be really worth it. Take care.
Run like hell.
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Great Gig in the Sky.
I love the piano, it reminds me of Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven.
Very doom and gloom, but with peaks of joy.
And that ladies vocals are amazing, like combining a violin and a guitar with distortion.
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Such a hard choice...

Maybe 'Money' from Dark Side, or 'Cymbaline' from More. Really not sure. Also 'Pigs' from Animals.

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