What's Your Favorite Song? And Who Sings It


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Fireflies Owl City
Anything by Justin Bieber!
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I can't exactly answer this as I have so many favorite songs. Barbara Streisand  songs are some of my favorites. She was consistently "Put Down" by her mother, but in spite of this made an amazing life for herself. She is one of a kind!  Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It", also amazes me.  Bobby brown's ex wife, and for some reason can't think of her name, is amazing to me!  I also think Celine Dionne's songs are something else. I have  a lot more but will have to add on another day!
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Now my favorite song is lets get crazy by Miley Cyrus
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My favorite song is "The Boys are Back in Town" by Thin Lizzy! :)
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I answered this before, that would be the great Sachmo, Louis Armstrong, and the song is "It's a Wonderful Life". Love it!
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This is hindi song
"bhul jaa jo hua use bhul jaa h kasam tujhe muskura khud ko yu na de tu saja un yaadon ko tu bhul jaa"
sing by 'SHAAN'

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