Who Sings The Song "Ooh What You Say"?


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The song that contains the lyrics "ooh what you say" is called 'Whatcha Say' and was made popular by Jason Derulo in 2009. The song heavily samples a song called 'Hide and Seek', which was released by Imogen Heap, on her album 'Speak for Yourself' in 2005.

• Further lyrics

The chorus of the song contains the following lyrics, "mmmm whatcha say, mmmm that you only meant well, well of course you did, mmmm whatcha say, wha- wha- wha- wha- what did she say."

• Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo was born in 1989 and was christened Jason Joel Desrouleaux. He began his musical career as a producer, and soon signed for the 'Beluga Heights' record label, which became a subsidiary of the Warner Music Group. The debut single, 'Whatcha Say' was released in 2009 and became a huge download hit with over five million downloads. His self-titled debut album was released in 2010, and contained further hit singles including 'In My Head', and 'Ridin' Solo'. The artist is releasing a second album in 2011, and the first single from this, 'Don't Wanna Go Home', heavily samples the song 'Day-O', a hugely popular traditional Jamaican folk song.

• Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap is a British singer and songwriter and up to 2011 has released three moderately successful albums, the 1998 album 'IMegaphone', 'Speak for Yourself' in 2005, and 'Ellipse' in 2009. Heap has worked with a large and diverse range of artists and has collaborated on some of their albums and songs. Some of these artists include Britney Spears, Nik Kershaw, Jeff Beck, Jon Bon Jovi and Urban Species.
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Imogen Heap.
Although there's a new rap version of the song, and if that's what you're referring to, then I have no clue. But the classic original as featured on So You Think You Can Dance is by Imogen Heap.
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Got to have a bit more, these lyrics have been used in many songs.
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Jason Duruelo
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I am looking for the song "What You Say?". This song can be heard at the end of the movie "MAKE IT HAPPEN"-starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead... Does anyone knows whose song is that!!!

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