Who Is Your Celebrity Crush?


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Sue Gill Profile
Sue Gill answered
I like Steven Seagal and Jim Carrey.
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Penny Kay
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I know this question is answered but for my 2 cents worth of opinion, Sam Elliott, Aln Rickman, and Sally Field.
Mike Profile
Mike answered
Victoria Justice.
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Anonymous answered
Joe jonas
Malin Jeryd Profile
Malin Jeryd answered
Tré Cool! <3
Emily Harris Profile
Emily Harris answered

You know, I really like finneas. He is so talented - singer, actor, composer... By the way, you can find general info (including finneas o'connell address) here. He wrote a lot of songs for his sister Billie Eilish. Here are some of my favorite songs: Let's Fall in Love for the Night, Break My Heart Again.

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