What Is A Floyd Rose Bridge?


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Floyd Rose is a 'Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo' system that was invented by "Floyd D. Rose". This bridge design is used in guitars which are known as guitars with Floyd Rose Bridge. The Floyd Rose Bridge is a patented design; the system consists of a lock which is located at the nut of the guitar, just close to the head. This nut helps the guitar remain in tune, due to these nuts the tuning of the guitar does not slip. The Floyd Rose system also known as a floating bridge has a double locking system. The other lock is located in the bridge of the guitar.
The Floyd Rose was introduced in the early phase of the 1980s. It was done in an agreement with a company which was known as 'Kramer Guitars'. Kramer had the exclusive rights for the distribution of the Floyd Rose even if the guitar was not attached to a Floyd Rose.
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Once you get it set up ...and that may be a while!!,, a Floyd rose locking tremolo is one dive bombing ,,leave the strings slack on the fret board,, and slam right back in TUNE,, Texas spank. P>S> if it doesn't go right back in tune ,just slap the whammy bar with the heel of your palm once ,,not to hard then , if its adjusted right,... I;e; the bridge plate level with the body .. It will snap back in tune! Sheer heavy metal genius!!

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