Do You Know Aston Merrygold Really? X


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07952977422...... I went backstage (at the summertime ball, Capital radio) and I asked him to sign my book with his mobile number :D xx

He always replies to my texts but for some reason he only answered 1 of 27 calls :(

You should definately text him :)
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Full name - Aston Merrygold
Born - 13th Feb 1988
From- Peterborough
Lives- London
Star sign - Aquarius
Eye colour - Brown
Pets - No
Favourite Colour- Blue
Brothers & sisters? - 1 sister 5 brothers
Tattoos? Yes 6 and they have all meaning to them
What was your nickname at school? Lil Man, A.S
From the boy band JLS - with Marvin Humes, Oritsé Williams and Jonathan Benjamin Gill or JB

Top 10 favourite songs/artists - Usher, Mario, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Chris Brown & Boyz II Men
Top 10 favourite films - Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2, Rush Hour 3, Bad Boy, Bad Boys 2, You Got Served, Stomp the Yard, Taken, Pursuit of Happiness

First concert/gig - Justin Timberlake
Best concert/gig - Boyz II Men
First album bought? - Usher "My Way"
First (or worst) job - Shop Assistant

Favourite food - Tuna & Pasta or Pizza
Favourite sport (to watch or to play) - Football
Favourite shop/designer/item of clothing? - All Saints & Topman Favourite holiday destination? - America (Florida)
Who are his heroes? - Will Smith, Michael Jackson & Mum & Dad, Grandparents
Obsessed with Tomato Ketchup and Nando's
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I love him the most I have posters all over my room. They got together by Ortise because his mum is sick and he needed money. So he thought of a boy band. He did auditions and found JB. Marvin was already a friend of oritse. They got aston from marvin cause marvin's bff was aston and thats how they all got together! I'm so ecited about december 2010 cause I'm of 2 see them and I've got amazing seats
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I love him more him you
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Hes called Aston Ian James Merrygold :)
Hes 21 Years Old
22 Years Old On The 13th of February 2010 :)
His Date Of Birth Is Tuesday the 1th of February 1988 :D
He Lives ; Born and Grown Up In Peterborough :D
He Got Bullied When He WAS yOUNGER because He Was Mixed Raced...
They Got An Auto Biography :)
He Liked Football But He Liked Singing Too
He Was Hopeless At Football After Breaking A Leg So He Wanted To Try The Singing
As He Got To An Audition He Met Two Boys - Oritse & JB So They Liked How They Sang So They Joined... Then Marvin Came And They Make JLS (Jack The Lad Swing)
Well I'm Numbaa One Fan x
Lots Of Love Michaela x

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